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**NOTE: This is not a trigger-free blog. That being said, I do try to make it a safe space. I try to tag as I feel necessary. If you need anything specific tagged, please message me. I also do tend to reblog very colorful flashing gifs, which I tag with 'seizure warning', 'epilepsy warning' and 'flashing gif'.**

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get over it

Won’t be very difficult


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Was instructed to make this cake for a customer at DQ the other day..
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you wanna fight? alright let’s take this outside! the stars are so bright tonight. the moon looks so nice. hold my hand

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Tea Time
So I used to post “Tea of the Day” recipes but I thought it might be nice to include a little snack recipe to go with it - and so it has become “Tea Time”. 
Lavender Spearmint Green Tea
1/2 cup thinly sliced fresh spearmint leaves
1/2 cup looseleaf green tea
4 teaspoons dried lavender flowers
4 cups boiling water
2 teaspoons honey, optional
Raisin Date Loaf
8 oz pitted dates (chopped)
8 oz raisins (seedless, large, golden kind)
2 tsps baking soda
2 cups boiling water
11/2 cups sugar
3 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
Recipe and full directions found here.
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I love how temperate your climates are. 

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Most people would never dream of touting around the dismembered bodies of White American and European kids after a mass shooting. Did you see that for Virginia Tech students? How about Columbine? Perhaps Newton?

Why? Because there’s reverence for their privacy and sympathy is innately felt, because no one needs a fucking visual aid to feel compelled to stand against violence when its against a particular populace.

But apparently, that standard erodes for Palestinian kids and “awareness campaigns” trump respect and not brandishing most likely unconsensual pictures of foreign brown children brown up to pieces, existing on social media circuits to haunt family members and trigger other survivors of war who’ve seen those images far too many times in their life.

Get it together, have some fucking integrity and keep that disrespectful shit off social media platforms.

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Filippo Minelli
"Silence/Shapes 2009"

Sad? Disappointed? Draw offensive bunnies.
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I like how i’m a horrible mess of contradiction to the point where even my birth chart is ‘all over the place, with a lot of contrast’

like damn what’s wrong with me lol(everything tbh)

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